A History of LYONS

Once upon a time, in about 1996, three churches (Ballard First Lutheran, Phinney Ridge Lutheran, and Queen Anne Lutheran) got together to talk about what it might look like to do youth ministry together. They assembled a board, who established LYONS, (Lutheran Youth of North Seattle) as a non-profit organization charged with the duty of providing youth ministry opportunities for the youth in those churches and in the general area.

Shawn Bergstrom, better known as "Bergie" was hired as the youth director. Bergie and Dinah, recently married, had relocated to Seattle from Great Bend, Kansas, where Bergie was the Youth and Music Director. Until his passing in 2005, Bergie directed LYONS and was largely responsible for its success in carrying out the vision of the original founding board members.

Now under the direction of Bryant Williams, LYONS continues to evolve and find new youth ministry opportunities in our member churches and for the area of North Seattle.  LYONS continues to seek new congregations to join in ministry and partnership as the world of youth ministry continually changes.

LYONS is an organization founded to help meet the needs of youth in a comfortable, safe environment that supports church activities.