Lutheran Youth of North Seattle

Project Phoenix Pod (P2Pod)

While we have put the P2Pod on pause for now, we're leaving the information here.


What was it?

The Project Phoenix Pod (P2Pod) was a space for grouped remote-learning education with face-to-face peer interaction for middle and high school youth in a Christian faith environment. The P2Pod was led by our PodGuide in a COVID-19 socially distanced space following public health safety protocols.

When was it?

The Pod was in session three days a week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm.

Where was it?

We met at Ballard First Lutheran Church, 20th Ave at 65th Street in Ballard.

Who was it?

Middle and High school students were the participants along with the PodGuide and a limited set Volunteers

How could I have been a part of the Pod?

Send Inquiries to:

But what about COVID-19?

We've done a lot so far and continue to improve our safety protocols as our experience and information does. Definitely read more about that here.


Sounds great!  Is there more information online?

Absolutely!  As the pandemic evolves, so will our program.  These documents will evolve, too.

P2Pod Participant Registration Form


P2Pod Handbook (for Adults and Participants)

P2Pod Child and Youth Abuse Prevention Policy

P2Pod Health Plan

Washington State Department of Health Guidlines