Lutheran Youth of North Seattle

P2Pod Volunteers

Are you interested in Voluteering with the Educational Pod?

Great!  There are multiple ways you can get involved as a voluteer with us in person or from the comfort of your home!

In-Person Volunteers

We are looking for a limited number of adults to help the Pod Guide for half or full days.  As the official head of the program operations, the Pod Guide has the primary responsibility for making sure the P2Pod is running as planned.  On-Site Volunteers help out as-needed and as-able, as well as to provide a helping set of eyes and hands.

Ideally, In-Person Volunteers would be available for half a day during one of the planned three days per week when the P2Pod meets. (For example, from 8:30am to noon or from noon to 3:30pm).

You can read more about our Pod Guide, Health Policies, FAQ, Protection Policies, and the Participant Handbook

Or just email us at:

Off-Site or Virtual Volunteers

We are looking for persons who can meet with our student participants remotely to assist with with course content, homework questions, and mentoring.  Depending on your skills and interest there are lots of ways you and the students may envision how you can assist them!  Whether you're new to video conferencing, and old hand, or want to use the telephone we can make it happen. 

Interested?  Drop a note to us at:

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